Urban Canvas

Elisabetta Antonini: vocals, compositions & arrangements
Luca Mannutza: piano
Luca Bulgarelli: double-bass
Marcello Di Leonardo: drums


Elisabetta Antonini



Elisabetta Antonini Quartet

In Elisabetta Antonini’s Urban Canvas, the artist finds new outlets for the creative vein and penchant for musical soundscapes which she employed previously in unusual, original projects like her Harp and Voice duo or her chamber-music-influenced ensemble with Paul McCandless. With Canvas, the atmospheres and colours of traditional jazz mesh with modern musical dialects and elements of contemporary music, as well as with electronic effects.

Alongside longtime musical companions Luca Mannutza, Luca Bulgarelli and Marcello Di Leonardo, all talented and affirmed players well-known to jazz audiences, Antonini offers up a refined selection of original pieces as well as compositions by some of the most creative artists from the contemporary american music scene.

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